Thursday, February 2, 2012


I was an unhappy camper when I was crocheting along and *ouch* a sliver of aluminum from my hook went into my thumb. I got out my emery board and sanded it a little, hoping that would take care of the problem. It was where the size is on the thumb rest. I've never had that happen before, but this is the hook I use most. I guess they don't last "forever".

As you know, I love crochet hooks and have quite a nice collection of them, but I do have my favorites. :-)

I happened across this article in my e-mail which shows the parts of a hook.

The link was given in a different article about the Etimo hook. I have a few Etimo hooks. I haven't used them much, but I do like the feel of the handle. I generally like a longer shaft on my hooks. When the handle is thick I use the knife hold to work and it's not as fast as my pencil hold. But it's no fun to get a sliver of anything in your finger though, so I'll b watching my well-used hooks closely.

Do you have a favorite hook? Beware I might get hook-envy and decide I must have one just like it! LOL Crochet with Dee posts pictures of her hooks in her new blog Dee's Hooks and Stitches. I love looking at them and want one of everything she shows. I created a similar blog of my own, but have not put anything in it yet. I have so many hooks. That could keep me busy for some time to come. Guess I need to get that project going, huh?

Well, that is all for now, though certainly not all I can say about hooks. LOL

Happy crocheting!

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  1. Ouch! I would never ever have expected an aluminum (or any other metal) hook to sliver off in the middle of the handle. Remotely possible at one of the ends, but the middle??? Bamboo or wood hooks you might expect possible splinters. Plastic could splinter if its' starting to break, but metal???

    Thanks for the warning. Hope your thumb isn't too sore.