Monday, January 30, 2012

Doctor Who character afghan

Tada!  All the filet pieces have been put together into an afghan.

As noted in my previous entry, I did redo the Dalek in the same yarn so he would match.

The finished size is approximately 48" square. The length might be an extra inch or so, but really the Ood sticks out on the side an inch or so. It balances out. :-) Since this is just for myself, I didn't worry about that. If I were to make another, I'd be more careful with my Ood, perhaps use a smaller hook for the solid mesh heavy section. I don't know.

At the top we have the Adipose and K-9. I made an extra piece to add to the side there. At the bottom are the Ood and the Dalek.

Because I know one day I will come back and be looking for this information, I'm posting it here. LOL

On the Dalek, I added an open mesh row at the top and bottom, which made my chart 50 x 61. Without the added rows, it would have been 50 x 59.

On the Ood, I added 2 columns on either side. I I think I also added 3 rows at the top and 4 rows at the bottom. I also worked an additional solid mesh row at  the bottom of the Ood body. The finished chart was 50 x 59. That is because the first Dalek I made was 50 x 59, but when I went to put the pieces together I was short due to the size of the other pieces.

I worked the Adipose just as shown 40 x 40.

For K-9, I added 3 columns on either side which made it 50 wide. I added one row to the top and bottom. I also added one row between the solid mesh row and the bottom of K-9 and one row between the top solid mesh row and K-9's head. That got it to 38. If I had been a smart cookie, I'd have added 2 more rows and made it 40 and kept the Dalek at 59. That would have given me two piece 40 high and 2 pieces 59 high. I still would be short on the width.

To excuse myself, I did measure them before I started the Dalek and it looked like I needed 2 more rows to make it come out. I think what got me off is the edging around each piece. That added a little to the stitches.

In any case, it worked out okay. It was a little tricky at the joining, but not overly difficult.

I made a separate piece 8 mesh x 40 mesh to fill in the width of the piece as the Adipose and K-9 did not fill it up.

I generally do my side edgings with a hook one size smaller than the one I use for the body so if you watch me work, I'm always changing hooks. LOL

After I had these put together, I did 2 rounds sc edging, then a round of (sc, ch 3, sk 1).

I'm thinking I might like to do one using a different color for each piece. Or maybe a negative image where the solid are open. Interesting idea, I think. I'd have to redo the graph though because I am doing that now with a different piece and I find I automatically think white square, open. :-)

So that is my Whoghan. I really enjoyed working these. It was a challenge, but fun.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Sandy you have way too much time on your hands!!! Seriously, you have done a fantastic job. The Time Lord would be proud!

  2. I see you hail from Australia, Elizabeth. I have a nephew who moved there recently. Last I heard he was still looking for a job. I believe he's somewhere around Sydney, not sure the town exactly. Thanks for popping in!

  3. This is wonderful looking! I recently purchased a Filet book to learn it. Can't wait to try it.

  4. I'll be working on a video on filet crochet soon as my cable comes in. There are a few out there on YouTube already though if you need them. The main thing in filet is to figure out your foundation chain if you're working by chart. Here's what I have at the Cabana.