Wednesday, January 4, 2012

cross-stitch ghans

I finished two afghans made with the squares I think I posted a photo of a while back. These are going to relatives.

Over the past years I've concentrated my efforts on charity crocheting and many of my nieces and nephews were left out of the ghan loop, so I'm playing catch up. This year my "plan" is to work on ghans for those who don't have one (and want one) and to do some Doctor Who things just for fun. Of course I will continue to support charity efforts, just not to the exclusion of other things.

I've noted the colors used as I remember them. I don't have the labels any more so I can't be positive. I had a bit of the rose leftover, but the white and pink were pretty much used up. I ran out of red - two skeins makes 3 squares. I was unable to get more of the red. When I went to Michael's they had skeins marked "scarlet" but the color was clearly not red. It was more like their rust.

Vanna's Choice white, Red Heart pink, and I Love This Yarn rose

Vanna's Choice white, navy, scarlet, and colonial blue

Both afghans were with nine-round cross-stitch squares. The edging was worked in a continuous join-as-you-go using the cross-stitch. I found it to be a very good, sturdy join.

I hope the first projects of the new year are going well for you all.

Happy crocheting!

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  1. Sooo beautiful Sandie. What lucky loved ones, they will treasure forever.