Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have happily completed my filet crochet Dalek. For those who are not Whovians, the Daleks are one of the "monsters" from Doctor Who TV series. Their most famous quote is "Exterminate!" which they attempt to do to everything in sight.

I used the pattern chart at

My finished Dalek is 22" x 26". The chart says 40 x 51 squares, but that is JUST the Dalek. There are extra boxes on the sides, top, and bottom.

I used a G hook and some ... uhm yarn. I am not sure what yarn it is. I had almost a full skein of it but no label on the skein. Go figure. It was a large skein, like a pounder, but seems like sport yarn to me or one of the light worsted.

The chart did not include line numbers so I added those to the next two patterns as I found it difficult to keep track of the rows. I also used a stitch marker at the end of rows to help me keep count of which row I was working on.

Well, the Saints game is starting so I'll end.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I am wanting to frame some of my doilies...I have Googled and really haven't been able to find a site that helps me...I looked at some frames at Michaels and there isn't enough depth to keep the doily from being sguashed...then the shadow boxes are to deep...any information out there?

  2. Michael's has custom framing if you don't want to fool with it. I googled "how to frame a doily" and got several hits so those articles might be of help to you. One suggested using two mats to raise the glass if the doily has puffy stitches. Here's one article to get you started

  3. Are you still active on here? I have a few questions about the pattern :) Are you doing a ch2 double crochet repeat for open mesh and 3 double crochet for blocks? I did 4 dc for blocks and ended up with a smooshed dalek :(

    1. No, I used a 3dc mesh. This is not my pattern, however. I don't know what Meredee used.