Tuesday, October 11, 2011

thick warm scarf

I finished a scarf with this lovely Deborah Norville Premier chunky yarn.
So very soft. I think the color is Fudge.

The pattern is straight double crochet. Finished size is 7" x 65". I was trying to get the hat man size but was afraid I'd run out of the yarn so it ended up being suitable for a small man or a woman. I hope that will work for someone. It is a bit stretchy and it's definitely warm.

I'm thinking to send this to the Bridge project since it is so warm.

The next scarves I make will be for the Knit Your Bit project if I can find enough man yarn in my stash. I am hoping to save some postage and deliver them at the next gathering at the museum, which will be in November. We'll see if that works out.

I also have a lot of small balls with which I will probably make some saltines. Those are fun and easy to do and I am happy to have every bit of yarn used. Dawn does such a good job of assembling these into beautiful, useful ghans.

Happy crocheting!

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