Monday, October 10, 2011

DW scarf #3

Remember before I left on vacation in September, I was working on a Doctor Who scarf, my third one. I finished it before I left except for taking care of the tails. A few days ago I completed  that little chore.

Finished size is 9' 3" long x 6" wide. I used an I hook and chained 21 to start.

I used the row counts from Chris Brimelow's pattern (#4) with the Vanna's Choice colors of Tara Wheeler's season 14 pattern.

This will be a much more useful scarf for me than the wide one, though that one is closer to the original which I believe was said to be 11" wide.

This is my third DW scarf. I do enjoy making them though it takes a lot of yarn and a good spot of time.

With that done, I decided to work on loom potholders just for something different to do. I am thinking of doing another loom hat or trying for a scarf perhaps with the long loom, if I can remember how I did the other little hat. :-)

That's all for now.

Happy crocheting!

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