Thursday, August 4, 2011

potholders and scarf

Here are some potholders made with the new Harrisville loops. This evening my daughter made the one in the upper right and I made the blue one. The other two were made previously.

The small one in the lower left was made using every other peg and is not as stiff, but also probably not as good a potholder. Might make a nice scrubber we were thinking.

Besides the potholders, I finished up another scarf for the Bridge Project. I'm trying to use the Wool Ease I purchased to work on the Knit Your Bit scarves, hence the different color schemes. I think this one came out alright. I had only small balls of some colors so quite a lot of tails. The cream is not a good color for homeless by itself but I think it will do okay mixed with these other colors. It was also the one I had the most of.

Finished size is 6" x 65 1/2" made with an H hook.

I will soon receive the yarn to make more Special Olympic scarves and I also want to get started on some squares for Share a Square. Always something to do, eh?

I was looking for scarf patterns and found that Margaret Hubert has a book of scarves Hooked Scarves: 20 Easy Crochet Projects. I haven't seen it except on the 'net but will have to look at this one. Of course just about any pattern can be worked into a scarf with a bit of imagination and trial and error. That's the fun of it. Figuring out a different pattern for each scarf.

That's all for now.

Happy crocheting!

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