Tuesday, July 12, 2011

striped scarf

This is a pretty simple scarf. Plain double crochet in alternating colors or red and blue, two rows each so I could carry up the yarn. I used an I hook for the body and an H for the edging.

I then worked a sc all around, followed by my current favorite (sc, ch 2, sc, sk 1) in same st.

Finished size 6" x 61". The edging made it a little longer than I'd anticipated. (I put a call in and they said the extra inch is okay.) It needed an edging to get it to the 6" and since it is a pattern I had to do xx number of rows to get it to come out. I worked 106 rows but probably should have stopped at 102 (so I could begin and end on red).

This week I received my copy of the video Mosaic Crochet (Lily Chin) and I have begun watching it, but since I'm crocheting along, it's taking me longer than the 2+ hours - remember she is the fastest crocheter! heh

I will review when I'm done, but it might not be until next week as I'm working on SO scarves so I can deliver them Friday. My goal was to have half done, then deliver, which would be 15. I think I have 13 finished  and one in progress so I may be just shy of my goal.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I really wanted a crocheted lace scarf. This looks great.Although,I know very little about patterns, these vibrant colored designs make my day!

  2. This one isn't lacy, but you might have a look at what I call the Spider scarves and the Pergola. You can see the ones I've done in past posts or go to the Cabana photo page for Special Olympic scarves.

    I have other pages with scarves as well.