Saturday, July 16, 2011

DW scarf in progress

I've begun work on the new Doctor Who scarf. This is what I have accomplished so far. 

It is about 11" wide, which is what Chris says it should be at his site. We'll see what the length comes out to be when it's done. I could do all the math, but seriously my brain is too tired for that. LOL

I am using an I hook and Vanna's Choice yarn. I chained 36, the same as the previous one, but with the I hook I was able to get the width right. I think I used an H hook before. On Tara's site she notes that each season's scarf was a different width so not as crucial to get it exactly right I think.

I make no guarantees that this will be an exact duplicate of Doctor #4's scarf (well, it can't be since his was knitted), but it will suffice for my purposes. It really goes pretty quickly even though it is in single crochet. There is no "pattern" stitch to worry about. You just go right along, changing colors when necessary.

There are seven colors and I bought two of each color except beige. I have three of beige. Hopefully that will be enough. If I use all of that yarn, that is 2 x 6 = 12 and 3 x 1 = 3, total 15 skeins at approximately $3 (retail is $4.99 but I can usually find it for 2.99) = $45.

The previous scarf was cheaper to make as it called for 2 skeins of beige and olive and one of the other five colors. So that is 9 skeins at $3 which would be $27.

Of course I may not use all the skeins or I may run out and need more. I'll just have to see how it goes.

Hmm  I may just have to make one of each season's scarves. Oh, maybe in each yarn listed at Tara's Witty Knitter site. Chris mixes yarns to get the right color and I'd rather use one type of yarn in my scarves. At least that is what I feel today. No telling what I will decide later. LOL

There is a spot of turning up at the corner so it probably could use a blocking, but I don't generally bother with that. There is an excellent article on blocking acrylic yarns here and here . Tara has care instructions on her site but she says you cannot block acrylic, which is not true. Also, acrylic will not melt in the dryer. I dry my afghans all the time. Wool will felt if you wash it in the washer. Voice of experience. :-)

Anyway, Doctor Who scarf. In progress. :-)


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  1. The scarf is looking good. I wash my acrylic yarns too (and dry them sometimes). As long as they aren't fancy with lots of "fluff" coming off of them, it's ok.

    Can't wait to see your scarf.