Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jacob's Ladder in blue

Here's the blue Jacob's Ladder scarf.I know it's hard to see the cable/ladder in the center with this dark blue.

I used the 8 dc, ch 8, 8 dc pattern again. Ch 26 to start. For the edging, one round hdc in red and the second in sc in blue. If you work tightly you could use hdc for the second round. I don't think I would have gone much over if I'd done that.

You might like to review Beth Ham's pattern for the Jacob's Ladder, and also the video at Hooked on Needles. Beth's video shows a photo of her Jacob's Ladder completed afghan, but doesn't go into the specifics of how to make it. She gives the specifics on the pattern page. It's a beautiful afghan if you want to see it. It is at about 7:30 on the video.

Well, I guess I should link to my own video, eh?

Finished size of this scarf about 6" x 58 1/2".

Happy crocheting!


  1. Thanks for linking to a pattern and video. Jacob's Ladder is one I still haven't tried myself. Sometime soon!

  2. You reminded me that I forgot to link to MY video. LOL I've added that now. Thanks!

  3. hi... my name is colie, and i have just began crocheting. my grandmother crocheted, and i got a lot of her stuff when she passed. but some of the shapes she did i don't know what they are called to begin to look up tutorials. i was wondering if i could email you pictures and you might know what these are and how to make them.

  4. Sure, I'd love to see photos of your grandmother's things. I can't promise I'll know what they are, but if I do I'm happy to help. You can e-mail them to .