Saturday, July 30, 2011

DW Scarf completed

Doctor Who crocheted scarf 2 is complete. You might remember that I was working the Season 14 scarf rows as noted on Chris Brimelow's site but using the yarn and colors from Tara Wheeler's Witty Little Knitter site (the Vanna's Choice option).

I used an I hook this time. The finished size is about 10 1/2" x 106". That is 8' 10" which is just shy of the perfect length. The knitted scarf would be 9' including 5" fringe on both sides. Mine does not have the fringe so the scarf itself is probably a bit longer than the original.

If I added fringe it would 9' 8". Still, much closer to the right size than the other one I did, keeping in mind that I used an H hook for that one and it was about 15" short. If I'd used the I hook, it would have been closer.

There are 7 colors I used: Beige, Olive, Charcoal, Brick, Toffee, Burgundy, and Mustard.

Just to be clear, the Who scarves used on set were knitted, not crocheted. Since I don't knit I adapted. I CAN do a wee bit of knitting but would never in my wildest dreams attempt something this extensive. My problem with knitting is that I can do the stitches, but if I err or have to stop and return to it, I am lost. I actually almost completed a dishcloth. Then if you can believe this, I messed up on the finish off - cast off I think it is called in knitting - and ended up ripping the whole thing back.

Back to crocheting, I finished making the blue squares and putting them together for the babyghan. The person who asked for this mentioned putting a name on it. I kept the center square blank in case I decided to do this. I didn't promise it, but I know she really wants it. I was thinking perhaps of making a separate piece - like a heart or star or rectangle or something, with the name on it and sewing it to the center square. The name is not etched in stone yet as the baby has not been born. However she would like to give the ghan as soon as it is done, so I figured if it has the name on something that is removable and the name changes, not as big a problem.

I didn't measure it yet, but still have the tails to tuck in. The edging is a round of navy and then a round of the light blue. The white squares were made a while back. The blue ones are what I've been working on this past week.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!

Happy crocheting!

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