Saturday, June 18, 2011

Knit Your Bit

You might remember I recently worked on some Knit Your Bit scarves. Well, KYB is in the news. Here's a recent article on the effort.  If you want to get involved, you can go to the WWII museum web site Knit Your Bit page. There are patterns there for your use.

I also have patterns on my charity patterns page that you can use for this and other charity efforts. Some of the patterns are adaptations of the KYB designs, done with permission. You actually have many choices with regards to chevrons and ripples particularly. In fact, I just finished a chevron scarf for Special Olympics.

The scarves are sent to veterans around the country to let them know they are not forgotten. Very worthy cause.

I'm still working on the pergola pattern. I confused myself by the way I'm working it, using both colors. The blue is sort of in the middle of the pattern repeat. We'll see if I am successful in getting a pleasing look. You never know until it's done.

Do you ever wish you'd taken a different tact when you've done too much to consider froggin' it, but not so much done that you are excited about going on and finishing it? I think those end up being UFOs, eh? Often I think to myself I should have done it this way or that way. I confess that to you all here so that when I work it again I'll remember what I wanted to change. :-)

In the case of the Pergola, I've reworked my little "cheat sheet" to use a triple crochet instead of a double triple (as noted on my blog about the first one). I find that to work better for me. I also use a shorter turning chain to go with the shorter stitch. I also made a cheat sheet for my cheat sheet noting which color follows which rows. For example,
Red  1-9, 2-5, Blue 5-9, Red 1-9, 2-5, Blue 5-9
You see where I'm going with this. :-) I apparently need all the help I can get with this particular pattern. It's not hard to work. You just need to keep your place, particularly remember whether this is the ch-3, sk 4 row or the ch-4, sk 3 row.

I had also noted whether it starts as an "up" or a "down" pattern, but that rather confused me because it's a "ripple" and part of it is up and part down. LOL If you look at the picture the first row is all dc, then the second gives you the lift stitches. Then the next row is your "going up" row. At least that is how I look at it. You start off low and go up.

If I did another scarf with this pattern, and I might as this is my second one, I would do a full up and down for the blue. The Turqua and Blue one I did looked quite nice. I don't know why I changed it for this one. Silly me. If I were making it for myself or another effort I would use one color. Maybe in another one I could use one color and edge in the second color. Or I could do 5 rows each color. Like 1-5, 5-9. So many choices.

I will definitely finish this one though it might take a while. :-) I messed up last night and forgot the dc row in red, so I had to rip back a whole section. Broke my heart.

You know you'll see the finished product when it's done.

A little OT - if you think of it, please say a prayer for my nephew Alex. He's just arrived at his Navy duty station.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I often find that halfway through a project I think of a better way of doing it but I usually finish the one I'm making and then make a new one in the new way. And then halfway through that I come up with an even better idea! :)

  2. All the time, do I want to finish, do I want to frog, do I want to lay it aside. I've done all the above. lol Strange pattern above, in that it's certainly not going to be a warm scarf; but it's rather pretty. I can see that in light weight yarn, or maybe even a cotton for a warmer weather yours! Wouldn't it make a pretty shawl, in black it would be quite dressy. Do you know how they distribute the scarves to the vets? I mean is there a request list, are passed out to those in Vets Homes? Curious.

  3. Sandy, I believe they send the scarves to Vet centers, but I'm not really involved in that part of it. I know they've gotten thank you notes. The Facebook page has at least one of them posted.

    About the scarf, the original pattern includes a solid back, so it really is warm.

    I am just making the front part because the Louisiana sports are indoors - or at least they were last year. I guess I need to check that! It's nippy here in February/March but not freezing cold.