Friday, June 3, 2011

how to crochet videos

I've started back to crocheting and am presently working on my first Special Olympics scarf for our Louisiana branch. I am using the Red Heart Soft colors.

I don't want to strain my wrist so today I did a few short videos. Most of the work is done on computer using Pinnacle Studio 12 and of course, the upload at YouTube. I ended up having to upload one of them twice as the first try never seemed to finish processing.

These videos will be put on the individual pages where they belong. Some of the information has been covered in other videos, but those are longer. If you are looking for particular information, now you won't have to go through a lengthy video to get it. That is my thought anyway. I have plans for many more to go with other pages at the web site.

These are the ones I completed today.

First is Getting Started which demonstrated the slip knot and adjustable ring.

This one centers around the foundation chain.

The last one is the single crochet.

I will be working on more of these short videos next week.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I think your idea of short video's is a good one. Sometimes when people are learning they really only want to see one thing at a time, and not be over loaded. So glad to hear you're being able to crochet again. Don't over do though, be careful.

    How do you video yourself, been wondering that.

    Making rounds today from Sandy's Space

  2. I did a post in March about how I do the videos. I haven't changed the procedure a lot since then.
    The green background cloth may not be the best color. I am supposed to be able to change the background color in the program I'm using if I use that cloth, but I don't know how to do it yet.