Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Granny Square video

Here is a narrow ripple scarf. Finished size is 6" x 60". Yarn used was Wool Ease Fisherman as the main color and Avocado as the contrasting color. Beginning chain was 22 as the pattern is a multiple of 11. I had this scarf on the web site way back when. It was removed when I took my patterns off the web site and added it back when I put a few patterns on my charity page.

The original used a chain of 33 and was about 9" in width. This one was adjusted to be narrower. I'm thinking of adjusting it again to use a deeper ripple so the "V" portion sticks out more.

I'm presently making this same scarf with Vanna's Choice just to see the difference in yarn amounts. Then I still have the seaman scarf to work.

The past two days I didn't get a lot done because I made a video. Well, I DID get a lot done. I made a video. LOL It took all day to make the first three parts, edit them, upload them, and annotate them. Then I didn't like the way part 3 came out, the next day I redid it. That took most of the day because the Internet was just slow and I did other things in between. I'm pleased with the final effort though.

The videos feature the Granny Square, which is one of my most popular pages at Crochet Cabana and the thing I get the most questions about.

Here is part 1. You can find parts 2 and 3 at my YouTube channel.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Your granny square video is going on my weekend must do list! I don't know why, but I'm intimitdated by granny squares. I think it's the idea of all those ends to work in and that they must be consistent size and tension. Thanks for all the stuff you post.

  2. Great! I hope it helps you. I suggest viewing the entire series before beginning as it's not a follow-along. I give variations on how to do certain things. After you've seen the variations, you can decide which way you want to go and then follow along using those options. I think you will get a clear idea of how to do it though. And, if not, holler out at me with suggestions for improvements. I am always willing to listen!