Tuesday, April 12, 2011

dc striped scarf

This is the Double Crochet Striped Scarf worked in Avocado and Fisherman Wool-Ease yarn. Finished size is 7" x 62". The pattern is very simple. Ch 24, work every row in dc. The first 6 rows are avocado, then alternate two rows of fisherman with the avocado. The middle section goes to Row 95 then on Row 96 you start alternating again with the fisherman. Easy peasy.

The scarf took not quite a full skein of Avocado - I guestimated 5 ounces - and a small amount of fisherman. I did weigh the skeins on my postal scale after I was done. Not sure if that was accurate or not, but judging by that less about an ounce was used of the fisherman, perhaps less.

I had enough fisherman left to work a dc striped ripple scarf with plenty left over, using the remaining avocado for the stripes of the ripple scarf. More on that later.

Happy crocheting!

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