Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Scarf

Wordless Scarf
©2007, rev 2011 Sandra Petit


Materials: H hook, ounce or two of yarn in the following colors: gold (or yellow), black, red, white, blue and green. (Note: yarn quantities may change if you choose to use a different color scheme)

Size: depends on square size

Procedure: Make 12 squares of your choice, 2 of each color. Last round of each square may be black for ease in invisible joining. (See comments for color variations)

To assemble, place each square right sides together and join with a whipstitch.

The scarf is based on the wordless book and made in the colors of the book, to "tell" the story of our salvation. Each color has a meaning. Gold (heaven), black (sin), red (blood of Jesus), white (purity, cleansed from sin), blue (baptism), green (growth).
There are many places online to read the story. This particular one has each color on a separate page. The text is written very simply so the message is clear.  

According to Wikipedia, Charles Spurgeon first used the idea of the wordless method of teaching. He used three basic colors: black, red, and white. Gold was added later by Dwight Moody and Green later by Child Evangelism Fellowship. At some point blue was added as well. I have even seen purple added, for royalty.

Depending on the use for which you intend the scarf, you can decide which colors you want to use. Just take that into consideration when purchasing yarn.

Scarves are not the only thing that can be made with these colors, and used for this purpose. My introduction to the wordless book was in making bracelets. I have instructions in how to make bracelets at Crafty Corral.

I have a page of preemie afghans using these colors here. Here's a photo of the V-stitch preemie afghan.

I have also made afghans using these colors.

Several years ago, the following poem was donated to go with the little wordless preemie blankets I had made for some young children. The author chooses to remain anonymous. 

You are given permission to include the poem with your blankies.

I have a little blanket,
I love to hold it tight;
For hidden in its colored stripes
Is a great delight.

Each color holds a piece, you see,
Of a story dear and true;
And because I love it so,
I'm sharing it with you!
GOLD is for the precious gold
With which the streets are paved,
In Heaven above, where all will go,
If sure they have been saved.

But saved from what, you may well ask,
That too, my colors tell;
BLACK is for our stain of sin,
For which we merit Hell.

But with the next bright color comes
A message that brings joy.
RED, the blood of Christ, was shed,
For every girl and boy!

His blood will cover all our sins,
And wash us WHITE as snow;
If we will just have faith in Him,
And that, we all should know.
BLUE is for our baptism,
A sign of new belief,
To show to the entire world
We're turning a new leaf.

Last of all, we come to
The color of things growing,
As each of us shall grow in Christ,
His glory overflowing.

Now you know the gospel truth
My blanket's here to share,
About the Christ who died for us,
Our sin and shame to bare.

And if you want to hear some more,
The story more complete,
Ask the one who shared with you,
For telling it's a treat!

For a bracelet, the first stanza might be:

I have a little bracelet,
I keep it in my sight;
For hidden in its colored beads
Is a great delight.

For a scarf, the first stanza might be:
Look at this--my favorite scarf,
It keeps my body warm,
And in its squares a message, too,
Will keep my soul from harm

Of course, you can always use different colors and make your own style of scarf by just joining squares. Rainbow colors, or Crayon colors, or hearts or cancer ribbon colors would all make nice scarves.


  1. Great colors. Reminds me of a Rubik's cube.

  2. you have really gone crazy with this poem and color scheme. I have done several now but never thought of a scarf. Now I am getting hyped for scarves again. nicely done.

  3. Let's be more creative with this. I've used the wordless book for many years, but there are even other ways we can use this.
    How about: a bookmark(whether it be ribbons tied together, any shape of paper with the colors on it) candy coated pretzel sticks, colored cookies (yellow-angel,black-donut hole,red-cross, white-praying hands,blue-cloud shape for a pond,green-tree) colored candy drops, button bracelet, the ideas can be endless. Just think outside the 'box'.