Sunday, December 12, 2010

this 'n that

Finished a dozen squares for Share a Square, but haven't been able to mail them yet. Hoping to feel better and get them out in the coming week. I don't like having things hanging about so I try to mail them off soon as I can.

I have to share this blog post I found with a photo of a retro granny square dress. You can see it at  I did not like the Cate Blanchett's dress, but this one is growing on me. She said it was like wearing an afghan, and I can see that. I might like to be "wearing an afghan" on the few cold days we have here which is actually NOW. LOL

I was looking for a hooded scarf pattern to try as hubby mentioned how hard it was to keep the scarf wrapped around his neck in the cold weather. We southerners are not prepared for the cold northern winters. I did make a hooded scarf out of a scarf I had on hand, and it was soooo simple, but I was not as happy as I might be with the pointy back end. It was okay, but not as good as I'd like. I know. Picky me.

I found a seamless hooded scarf at Ravelry - several in fact. I might try this one at Andraya's when my Swish superwash wool yarn comes in. I've never used a superwash that I can recall so I'm anxious to see how it works out.

I also found a hooded scarf at Crochet Spot. This one is for purchase. I'm thinking about it. The one I was looking at doesn't wrap around the neck, but hangs down with pockets. I can't tell from the photo just how the "hood" portion is created.  As to pockets, one could take extra length and fold them up to make large pockets, I'd think. In any case there are lots of good things in her store as well. Instructions for her projects are well done, at least the ones I've seen.

When I was tired of looking at scarves, I went through the links in my e-mail which included this one from Maggie Weldon at for a small stocking ornament made of a granny square. It uses triple crochets. Some time ago I had a similar stocking made with a pentagon. You can find it at the bottom of the tutorial on the pentagon. I'm going to have to try Maggie's though. Very cute.

Maggie also has a full size stocking pattern at the site. You can find it at . I love the way she has been sending out e-mails for her for-sale patterns as well as including a free one. All of her patterns are nice. If you missed some of them you can see them in the Archives.

Guess that's it for now. Hope December is not too cold for you. It's been pretty cold here. In fact, I put on a long sleeve t-shirt today and I hardly ever wear long sleeves. I've watched a few news reports with lots of snow in the northern states. I feel sorry for the football players who have to play in the inclement weather. Hope they all stay healthy.

Happy crocheting!

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