Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catch up

As I go on my merry way, flitting here and about the 'net, reading articles, looking at pictures, searching for things, I sometimes find links I want to save so I can find them again later and, of course, I want to tell someone about them! :-) You lucky folks get to hear all about these. LOL

Today is catchup day and I will be sharing links I've saved off.

First link is to Crafty Corral. If you haven't read the article on charity giving yet, here it is http://craftycorral.blogspot.com/2010/12/he-gifted-us.html

In my e-mail this morning was Crochet! magazine newsletter at http://www.crochetmagazine.com/newsletters.php?mode=issue&issue_id=215&department_id=7 . There is always something interesting there and today was no exception. There were two precious little Christmas patterns small enough to put on a card - one is a tree and one a wreath. Very simple. In fact, I did a similar pattern of a tree years ago. I'm sure there are many out there. How many ways can you say decrease each row? heh The wreath is just 2 rounds, a sc round and a picot round.

They usually do a question and answer thing and this time the question was the identity of a tool this person had. Turns out it is for a specific kind of lace. You can read about it here. It is polka spider lace

Another link I saved is to a leaflet at Annie's Attic for a stitch that is new-to-me called Delta Lace. I hate when I see a new stitch because even though I will probably never try it because I don't really have a use for lacey stitches in the types of things I make (for warmth in cold climates), I want it. LOL

I've also been looking at Bavarian Crochet. In doing a search, I learned it is similar to the wool eater instructions http://sarahlondon.wordpress.com/2009/08/25/wool-eater-instructions/. It is also similar to the posts at Crochet Dad at http://crochetdad.blogspot.com/2009_08_01_archive.html. He calls it wheel stitch block. Crochet Dee has a link to Catherine's Wheel under Bavarian, so I guess that is another name for it. A poster at Crochetville said that Catherine's Wheel is usually worked in rows and Bavarian in rounds, so that may be a difference, but generally speaking if you can work it in rows, you can probably work it in rounds too.

I was looking for some superwash wool this week and two sites were recommended to me Cascade yarns and Swish yarn at KnitPicks. I haven't ordered any at either place yet as I'm still deciding on color and some of the colors are not yet available at KnitPicks. This is for a scarf and hat for my husband who will be traveling for business into colder climates than we're used to here in Louisiana. I need to decide soon though.

I may have already talked about this, but I found the link again so I'll mention it. These duck bowling pins are the cutest thing! http://bittersweetblog.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/not-quite-duck-pins/ 

Crochet Spot always has good stuff. In a recent newsletter there was an article on ribbing - vertical and horizontal. I'd done horizontal ribbing (though I've used it vertically as well), but had never seen the back post/front post method called vertical ribbing. Clever. I've worked fp/bp but never used it in quite that way so may have to give that a try at some point. Looks like a good idea for a Bridge Project scarf, very warm.

Then I have a link saved to this beautiful ripple pattern with excellent, large photos for you to follow. It's a multiple of 14 + 3 and the hills and valleys are made with triple crochets. I don't do a lot of work with triples, but I'm thinking this might make a nice scarf if I can figure out the length needed for a Special Olympics scarf. I have enough yarn left for at least one more, possibly two. I have a good bit of the Turqua, but not much of the blue left.

For those who have trouble with those tiny hooks, there are so many options, but one I ran across today again is making your own thick handles with clay. You can learn to do this yourself at Tapestry Crochet. She uses a toaster oven in the video. This is something else I'd like to try.

Cannot have too many patterns. Many nice ones here and though she's in the UK the patterns I looked at also had US version. I was particularly looking at the mittens and the crayon afghan.

And another interesting tidbit - how to crochet ric rac. Not sure what you do with it after you make it, but it can probably be used in the same way you use cotton ric rac. I don't sew but I've seen it. Used to be popular back in the day. :-)

Is that enough? I will quit now as I have another post in mind on hooks and I need to get to taking photos. I also have some squares done as well that need photographing. Busy. Busy. Busy. heh

Hope you all are enjoying December, with all the hustle and bustle, Christmas music (which I love) and remembering the reason for the season. :-)

Happy crocheting!

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