Friday, November 5, 2010

Alzheimer lapghan

This is a lapghan in progress for the Alzheimer project. I am using the mile-a-minute pattern Restful Rainbow afghan as I mentioned before in the book Mile-A-Minute Afghans (Leisure Arts #108200) (Crochet Treasury Series) . It is taking more strips than I thought it would for the lapghan, but I'm plugging away at it. :-)

This is a pretty simple pattern. On the far right I am showing the basic strip, which is simple 6 dc across.

In the middle you can see one strip with the edging, which is really what gives it that special oomph. The edging uses alternating 3 dc shells and a long triple dc that goes around 3 rows on one side and then the other 3 on the opposite side.

As I mentioned before, I used 75 rows in the lapghan, which is different from the afghan. I also left a long, long strand to sew the strips together so I wouldn't have so many tails left afterwards. I am being very careful to whipstitch these well because I don't want anything poking out because I didn't pull it through correctly.

One strip I made I have put aside because there is a stitch that got messed up. I don't know if it is the yarn, or if it got caught on something or if it was the pin I used to mark off rows. In any case, I put that one aside and will undo and rework it later if I need to. I have plenty of the turqua yarn though so it shouldn't be a problem. I also found a complete skein of the blue that I had forgotten I had.

I also plan to look for more of these two yarns as I think I'll make some more for the Special Olympic project if I can find some at Walmart at the same price. Red Heart now has put the blue and turqua on sale for 2.99, which is much better than their normal $4+. Of course there is shipping cost to add, but at a local store you have tax. You may or may not pay tax on an online purchase. It just depends if there is a store in your state. I don't know if Coats and Clark has any physical stores, but Joann and Michael's and Hobby Lobby do so you pay both s/h and tax on those purchases.

That's all for now. Temps are way down in Louisiana right now. Good time to be working on lapghans, afghans, and scarves.

Happy crocheting!

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