Friday, October 1, 2010

Special Olympics

The 2011 Special Olympics USA scarf project is about to get underway. You can find information at several different places. This year's colors are Red Heart Super Saver 512 Turqua and 886 Blue.

Bookmark and or join their Facebook page or Twitter to get updated information.

The size for this year's scarf is 6" x 54"-60". That means 6" wide and anywhere from 54 to 60" long.

In shopping around for prices, I found our local Walmart was least expensive at 2.23. I bought six skeins of each color today. Online prices (today) (note they may change) were Hobby Lobby at 2.59, Herrschner's at 2.99, Knitting Warehouse at 3.14 and they went up from there. This is not an all inclusive list. There may be other places with different prices.

Patterns - you can use any pattern you want as long as you use the two colors specified (no additional colors) and make it the size specified. One possible choice would be to adjust Jamie's Scarf, alternating the two colors. Just use a shorter foundation chain to make it 60" and work the number of rows it takes for 6".

I'll have to check my other patterns to see if any meet the size guidelines or can be adjusted to be that size. Of course, there is always a simple stripe pattern with a nice edging. You can view pictures of previous project scarves at the Facebook page.

Happy crocheting!

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