Monday, September 27, 2010

faux cable scarf

Another scarf made and packed to send to Knit Your Bit. I again used the faux cable portion of the 2010 pattern (my design). I love that design. I think it is one of my all time favorites. Is that vain? LOL I even love the picture of the scarf I made that is used with the pattern. The blue is striking and the picture came out true to color. Because a J hook is used, it is drapable and goes quickly. Did I say I love this pattern?

This one came out 6" x 60" and is made with I Love This Yarn. I can't remember the color - a country blue of some sort.

I had a small ball leftover and am making 6" squares with that using Suzie's pattern at I had intended to send them to her but the first came out 5" instead of 6". I got it to 5 3/4" by changing the last sc round to a dc. Maybe if I concentrate on making my dcs longer each round, I can get it to size. That's the golden loop thing. [edit: I did what Suzie suggests and worked a hdc then a sc round and it came out EXACTLY 6". *happy me* Thanks, Suzie.]

I need to find a good I hook. The one I'm using is catching the yarn and not flowing smoothly. It is one of the Inox made in Germany which are my all time favorite hooks, but this one was a flub. What I need to do is put it away and pull out another I hook to put in its place as I always go to the same spot to grab my working hook. Do you have a spot where you keep your special hooks, the one you use most often for quick and sure projects?

Suzie has some wonderful patterns and I've used a lot of hers in the past. I could spend all day over there looking, but then I wouldn't get anything done! LOL

Someone over at Craftown forums was asking about fringe and tassels. As I investigated I found this article in Crochet! magazine. It's an excellent brief tutorial on making different types. I've long had in mind to make something with the loop fringe, but since I don't use fringe very often I've never done it. Maybe on my next scarf? We'll see.

This morning I ran across this beautiful sampler afghan at Red Heart. Lovely squares. I would probable do it in one color or perhaps two. It does say to "check your gauge" and I notice each square has a different gauge. That would be a problem for me as I am not in the habit of checking gauge. The pattern uses 8 of the 7 ounce skeins of Super Saver. I do like the colors they chose, but I am not sure I like them together in the same ghan. Coral is a gorgeous, vibrant color. Frosty green is a pretty shade of green and I have used the cornmeal before and love it. Buff is just a neutral color. Tea leaf is the other green - looks like grass green to me. Green is not my favorite color but it's been growing on me lately. This is not a bad shade. Of course country blue IS my favorite color. :-) Anyway, I saved the pattern for "one day". :-) Red Heart yarn is available at my local Walmart and I think they've improved the yarn a bit. I haven't had as much trouble with my last couple skeins. Hoping that's an across the board improvement.

Well, I could chat all day, but I'd better get to finishing the hat I've started and working on that square.

Have a great week! I'm having root canal Wednesday so if you don't hear from me for a few days that is why although I'm not expecting any problems.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Great looking of these I need to try your pattern.

  2. You are so generous hearted. Always doing beautiful things for others.