Friday, August 20, 2010

Just a little bit of this and that today. Many of you have heard of Priscilla's famous flat braid joining. I thought I had lost Priscilla, but I eventually found her again. I was thinking today that some of you may have also lost some links when AOL, Geocities, Hometown dropped their hosting services. So if you had, here is Priscilla's site, including the flat braid join and many other wonderful patterns, both free and for sale.

When I think of the flat braid join, I also think of Chris Simon, who has a joining method for yo-yos which is wonderful.

Another thing I thought was important to pass along is that CGOA will be having two conferences in 2011. You can read all about it on the CGOA blog. One will be in Minneapolis and the other in Greensboro NC. Both are a good distance from me, but should be close to those on the eastern half of the country anyway.

I was looking through the Talking Crochet newsletter recently and saw this afghan which I thought was really interesting. Sort of a "yo-yo" look which is so popular these days. The afghan is called Rings and Things Afghan in case the link doesn't work when you try to find it. Of course, they have all sorts of good things there, so pop around the site and check it out.

In my never ending quest for unique and wonderful crochet tools, I ran across this Lacis Ergonomic Handle. I saw it several places, but the link (scroll down) shows you how it is used, which is handy to know. This seems to work similarly to the set I recently purchased (but haven't used yet) at Ebay. (I have other suggestions for folks who have hand trouble here.)

If you haven't been over to the Craftown forums, you might like to stroll over there. There's a new giveaway going on and the prize is The Sewing Answer Book. You can also see a few of my crochet projects in my photo album there. They're all at the Cabana, but these are a few of my favorites. I'm a moderator there so I pop in quite often. If you see sandiewhocrochets, that's me.

I visited Ravelry briefly the other day and realized I'd not been there in some time. There are just so many things to do that I can't make the rounds and still keep crocheting. LOL I went back there tonight to check for messages and ended up staying longer than I intended. As I was typing what was "on my hook" I realized I have more things waiting than I thought. Isn't that always how it is? I need to get moving on a few of those projects and call them complete.

I'm also on a group over at Eons. It's pretty quiet there right now, but we welcome newcomers. Sometimes new blood can get things moving. My daughter created the banner for the Eons group and I love it. All of the things you see in it are photos of my stuff. :-)

Well, if I stay here I won't get those projects done, so off I go. I have a scarf to finish first, then tackling those WIPs which will shortly become UFO's!

Oh, no word yet on the Master's Course. Still waiting for an address.

Happy crocheting!

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