Saturday, August 21, 2010

colors and cameras and filet crochet

I thought I'd give you some insight into how cameras react to different colors - MY camera anyway. LOL

I've said this before, but my camera, and all the cameras in my house, dislike the color purple. Not ALL purples. They are mostly against the darker purples, like amethyst. Case in point. I just finished an amethyst scarf. Below are two photos. One is the original photo taken with my camera. The second, which shows the truer color, was done with Paint Shop Pro X.

Left: camera photo as taken

Right: Paint Shop Pro X adjusted photo

The blue of the one on the left is just gorgeous. Unfortunately, it is not the color of the scarf. LOL

Other colors don't play well with my camera. Some reds come out just as blobs which show no stitch definition. In order to show the patterns properly, I have to change the colors in the photo. This doesn't happen often, but just often enough.

Since I like the colors red and purple, I continue to make things using these colors, but you might like to check out your camera and see if it doesn't play as well with some colors. Particularly for items you might want to sell in your online shop since you'll need to take photos of those. Or you might have a better camera than I do. I have tried my camera, my husband's camera, and my cell phone. They all come up with blue.

I did, however, discover that my camera allows me to adjust some things. For example, I can take a photo in "sepia" to make it look old. ;-)

The color matters don't really mean a lot in the blog world, except that I don't like to be dishonest and say this is a picture I took when it has been adjusted. But then again, isn't it dishonest to post a photo of a blue scarf when it is actually purple? Hmmm. Why can't things just be simple?

In any case, besides the scarf - which is dc worked in BLO (double crochet worked in back loops only) - I continue to make saltines (2 round granny squares) and double yo-yos (first round 16, second round 32). I figure you all are tired of seeing photos of them, so I'll just quietly jot the numbers down for my records. LOL

The book I had ordered a while back came in and I thought I'd share. It is
Filet Crochet: More than 70 Designs with Easy-to-Follow Charts (Stitch Collection). I have not tried any of the patterns in it, but I'm anxious to. There are a lot of different pictures in it that interest me.
I have to say the fleur de lis (which is spelled fleur de lys in the book - my daughter says that is also a correct spelling), does not look like my vision of such. Since that is the symbol of New Orleans, the area where I live, and the Saints (yay Saints) football team, I'm a little picky about that. Of course, a fleur de lis is basically a lily. See wikipedia. You can google fleur de lis images and see what they look like in "real life". The black and gold is our local image.

Other than that tiny point, there are a number of pages of basic instructions which are useful to someone just starting out in filet. There is also an index if you are looking particularly for say a bunny motif or an elephant motif. The motifs are various sizes but she does include with each design a number of designs that could be put together easily. That's a handy tip.

There's a washing chart (as in how to wash your project), and also a chart listing American/English stitch designations. There can't be a standard. That would be too easy. LOL American sc is English dc etc. You know the drill. There's also a complete alphabet (capital letters only) and numbers 0 to 9 as well as a few extras.

I've now talked myself into trying one of these motifs! Pictures if I actually finish it. :-)

Happy crocheting!

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