Friday, July 9, 2010

Yet more squares

The above squares are all the same square I did yesterday - Kim Jiries' Amber Autumn, available at Crochet Cabana. The front loop / back loop stitches give the square a nice textured look but is very easy to accomplish. I used an H hook.

The squares below are actually red. Red doesn't seem to show up well with my camera, as you can see from the previous photos, but it makes a nice square. So rather than not use red, I changed the photo color to one that would show the stitches up better. The square on the left here is Kim Guzman's Angel square from her Angel Afghan.

The square on the right is the Spoked Eyelet Square from an old book I have called New Crochet Dictionary by Rhoda Goldberg from the 80's. I completed the square through Round 5 as that gave me 6". My notes on the pattern say to use a G hook and go through Round 6 for 6", but I picked up the wrong hook so I adjusted. :-)

Now I am about squared out, but I will do one more to give it an even 30.

I did start a number of patterns, decided I didn't like them and threw them out, so my papers are getting fewer anyway. This is a good thing.

If you are working on squares for Share a Square, remember not to mail them until mid August and don't forget to leave that 12" tail for assembly.

Next up is a scarf for Crafting for a Cause, which is celebrating an anniversary. It is 5 years old this month. Happy Anniversary CFAC!The yahoogroup is at CFAC.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I just wanted to say I was just using your crazy stitch/ diagonal box stitch tutorial, and it's wonderful, i like that there are pictures for every stitch. I can crochet (I usually knit) but I have trouble with patterns, and someone showed me how to do crazy stitch but I just couldn't get myself started. The pictures were EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you!! Keep it up!

    P.S. Crazy stitch is my favorite stitch because you don't have to spend a lot of time on the first row and the foundation chain. that's my least favorite part for some reason. :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Claudia. I'm glad the tutorial was helpful to you. I enjoy that stitch myself. :-)