Sunday, July 4, 2010

Share a Square

As I noted previously, I recently went through my file folders and found all the patterns I've printed out. I've made many of these already, but some I printed and never got around to. However, today I discovered a new charity effort that is asking for 6" squares (with a 12" tail left hanging for assembly) and I think I will be pulling that folder out now to see what I can do. I will share the squares I make with you.

It's not always easy to get squares to an exact size, which is why I more enjoy making scarves. I obsess over whether the square or rectangle is the right size. I can measure the same square three times and get different measurements. heh Generally speaking, they suggest you measure a piece of cardboard 6" x 6" and use that as a template. That's a good idea, but I like to also measure the piece itself, with a hard ruler, not a flex tape, to be sure.

You can read about Share a Square here. And there is a Facebook page here.

I will quote the mission statement from the web site:
We are inviting people from around the world to help crochet afghans to give to children who will attend Camp Discovery (a summer camp for children with cancer sponsored by The American Cancer Society) in the summer of 2011. Our plan is to blanket them with our love! Each afghan will be made up of 80 different squares … each crafted by a different person.
The goal is to make 150 afghans with no more than one square per volunteer included. Each afghan uses 80 squares so that is 12,000 squares that are needed.

The coordinator asks that you mail squares August 18th through December 31. That will give them time to get through a wedding and give the assemblers time to assemble.

Have fun today and be safe!

Happy crocheting!

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