Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More on the Teddy

I don't know if the teddy really shows up in this picture, but here is one of the pink ones.

I mentioned yesterday putting together a quick reference if you are making multiple Teddy squares.

For my quick reference. I do something like this:

With H hook, ch 41
R1: dc in 4th chain from hk and each ch across. (39 dc)

R2: skip stitch right under your tch, skip next st, dc in next st ,* ch 1, sk 1, dc rep from *across (19 holes) Don't forget to put your last dc in the beg ch from R1

R3: ch 3, 4 holes, 7 dc, 5 holes, 7 dc, 4 holes

I end up with 21 rows with my last one a dc row.

Note that my reference is different from Judith's original pattern. She uses a smaller F hook and baby yarn. She uses ch 4 as her turning chain. I use ch 3. This does include my dc, ch 1. In normal patterns I ch 2 for a dc. Yes, I am an odd duck. :-)

I do my edging around almost the same except I use ch 3 in the corners. I probably should have used ch 5 because I did get some curling, but I was afraid the corner would stick out too much. The curling will flatten out when my squares are joined though.

If there are specifics that I think I will forget, I include those in my quick ref. Like dc in 5th ch. Since I usually go into 4th chain that's a bit I need to remember. The reason you're going into the 5th chain is because it counts as dc, ch 1. I might also note at the top that a hole consists of (dc, ch 1) because in some patterns it is ch 2 but since this is included in R2 I don't need an additional note.

That is what I do, but you don't necessarily have to do that. Once I finished a square, I used that for reference instead of my chart. Then after making a few, I sort of got the feel for it and didn't need to look as often. I'd remember now three rows just alike or whatever it was. Each row starts with a hole.

I haven't added a bow to my squares, but I think it's cute. That probably would work best with the thinner yarn for tying.

I might also mention that if you are changing the yarn used, it will make a big difference in size of your square. If you are donating to a charity, make sure they accept whatever you plan on making.

You can make your teddy squares any color, of course. I think a ghan of many different colors would be pretty. Or you can just make the one square and join it with other types or donate it singly somewhere. Decisions, decisions. heh

That's it for now.

Happy crocheting! (P.S. Note my pretty signature. My daughter created that for me and showed me how to make it automatically show up here. I appreciate her!)

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