Sunday, August 14, 2022

Mid year update

So half of 2022 is gone - well, more than half now as it's August. I happen to think of this blog and thought I'd do an update. Of course, as always, you can see the posts as they happen by going to over at Wordpress. At the moment, that's where I do the regular posts.

This year has been the year of scarves. A young relative is fighting for her life at St. Jude and I am sending scarves for her to give to her caregivers. This is a way to both give back to those who care for others and to bring a smile to her sweet face as she loves choosing just the right one for each person and giving them out. I began making these at the end of April. 

Before I started on scarves, however, I completed a number of other projects.

In January 2022, I finished a Doctor Who afghan, an Eagle afghan, and a memory afghan .

You can find the blog post here

The blog post can be found here

The blog post can be found here

In March I made all the pieces for a Kitty Couch, as well as a wee afghan for the kitty. My daughter put it all together.

I also finished a huge afghan - the Lovely Lines CAL by Becca at Mayhem & Majesty. The CAL is free but you can choose to purchase the pdf if you are in a hurry - which I was and I did. It finishes in November 2022 so there are a number of parts you can get for free right now if you want to start it.  

You can find the blog post here

In early April I finished a musical afghan called Beethoven (blog post), also by Becca at Mayhem & Majesty.

I also made a unicorn (blog post) afghan. The pattern is the Celestia pattern at OwlBHooked.

Here are just a few of my favorite scarves. I set a goal for myself of 50 scarves and have surpassed that. I'm working on #68 now. They are still needed and bringing smiles. :-) 

Some of them are patterns from my scarf pattern page. Some became new patterns that were added to that page. Sometimes I make them horizontally and sometimes vertically. I try to make each one different but there are some repeats though in a different color. I favor the front post stitch and the front cross stitch so a lot of them use those stitches.

If you like making scarves, another site with loads of ideas is Kim Jiries blog. She made 115 scarves throughout 2011. I'm thinking I might like to beat that, just for fun. 

That concludes my update for January through mid-August 2022. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've done. Check out the more recent updates at Crochet Cabana

Happy crocheting!


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