Thursday, December 15, 2016

ponytail bun hat

Just thought I'd pass these links along for those who aren't on my Facebook page. 

The ponytail / bun hats are very popular right now. I ran across this excellent tutorial featuring one method of making this type of hat. It's very simple as well. Check out Donna Wolfe's Naztazia channel. If you prefer having a paper version, she has that also, on her web site (as well as lots of other great stuff).

Vashti has a wonderful tutorial on making the star stitch. She always has lots of great information in her newsletters and I highly recommend you subscribe if you haven't already. 

And yet another good link is for making a blocking station. This would be particularly useful if you block a lot of items. I rarely block but I believe it's a good thing to do. I'm just lazy that way and have no really good place to do blocking. The squares I am making right now could do with a good blocking.

Happy crocheting!

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