Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Doctor Who Season 14 dc scarf

Now that I remembered about it, I finished up that Season 14 scarf. I sewn in all the tails in one night and put the fringe on today.

Stylecraft Special DK Copper, Khaki, Burgundy, Graphite, and Almond
Knit Picks Brava Sport Brindle
Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value Shade 0766 Pumpkin

Size 8 1/2" x 114" (9 1/2') including fringe

Stitches: ch 37 for 35 double crochets across. 

Hook: G

I cut my thumb the other day so haven't been doing any actual crocheting. That won't stop me for long though. :-)

Happy crocheting!


  1. Very cool, as always. How many of these Doc scarves have you made now?
    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

    1. Sandy, I am not sure. I'd have to do a count. A few were given or sold as well.

    2. Sandy, here is the count I came up with. 17. 5 Season 12 scarves, 2 Season 13 scarves, 6 Season 14 scarves (though one was super reduced), 1 Season 16/17, 2 Season 18 (though one was reduced), and 1 SHADA for a total of 17 scarves