Friday, January 2, 2015


Firstly, I received notices on December 31 that starting January 1 there is a new tax on digital sales to European Union. Since I had absolutely no notice, I have removed all my for-sale patterns from both Etsy and Ravelry so I don't have any tax confusion next year. I apologize for giving no notice of this, but I myself had no notice. Free patterns are not affected as far as I can tell and remain up. I'm not sure what I will do in the long run. There's always something to mess with one's day.

While I'm here, I thought I'd give a shout out in case you have one of my patterns and are in need of assistance. Firstly, PLEASE make sure it is actually one of MY patterns. I spent hours trying to find a pattern that fit the description a visitor said she was having trouble with only to discover it was not my pattern at all. Secondly, if you have trouble with one of my patterns, when you send me a note please include the name of the pattern. It is also helpful if you include a link. Both of those things will make it clear at the start if it is actually mine or one you found when you clicked through from the blog or web site or elsewhere.

I will do everything possible to help with one of my patterns, but if the pattern was designed by someone else it is not always possible to figure out what they meant. It is always best to go to the source when you can.

My name is on all my patterns and they appear only at Crochet Cabana, Ravelry, and Gallifreyan Crochetin. They are in pdf format. Occasionally I will give instructions on the blog but that is rare. 

I do not give permission for any of my patterns to be placed in its entirety on a web site or shared with anyone else  in any format without permission so the only place to find my patterns are at the places mentioned above. However, there are ads at the sites, so if you click through on an ad and find a pattern there, that is not my pattern. You need to go to the source for help.

As said above, if you need help with one of my patterns, I will do my best to see that you get it quickly.If you need help with someone else's pattern, please contact them.

I hope all of you had a wonderful start to the New Year and that the year will bring you many blessings!

Happy crocheting!


  1. Another crochet designer came up with a fantastic way to get around the rules. You aren't just selling a crochet digital pattern. You are offering a whole service to support the buyer to be able to make your pattern. As you are offering a service it isn't just a digital download so therefore is exempt from the rules.

    1. Hmm That's interesting. I wonder if she has verified that with a tax expert.