Friday, December 26, 2014

charity giving

I am honored to accept this award for Best Crochet for Charity from Crochet Concupiscence. Kathryn wrote a nice article about the award and specifically my site. Such sweet words! Crochet Concupiscence gives awards throughout December. Check it out!

Charity work is important to me. I feel strongly that we should share what we have and help those less fortunate. I am not able to do as much these days as I might like, and you might be in the same situation. However much you can do, it's a help to someone. Each hat or scarf or mitten or slipper or afghan or square is one less that someone else doesn't have to make and one more than the recipient had before. To a person with no home, living in the cold outdoors, it might even save a life. 

To a parent who is watching a preemie struggle to hold on to life, each little hat or blankie lets them know someone else cares. Each prayer cloth given to someone who needs comfort reminds them that others are praying for their situation and that God cares! Each snuggle donated to an animal shelter keeps someone's future pet alive and warm. Soldiers serving in cold climates appreciate hats.

I often see folks asking where they can send specific items. Here is a site that lists 10 charity efforts that need items. One of these efforts is the Binky Patrol. You'll notice that the picture on the site home page shows fleece blankets which require no knowledge of crochet or even sewing skills. If you watch the half hour video demo, she shows you just how to make this type of blanket. I enjoyed her comments and suggestions throughout as well. Fleece blankets are very warm and lightweight, suitable for all ages and genders.

I also have charities listed on my charity links page at Crochet Cabana (if you see a bad link please let me know so I can correct it). I have a short starting list here in the sidebar of the blog too.

Lion Brand lists charity efforts as does CGOA. Remember that lists can quickly go out of date. Charities may fulfill their need and move on to something else. Before you mail off an item, I would suggest that you contact the organization or coordinator and make sure they are still active and in need of that particular item. Most are very gracious and will answer your questions with no problem. If you are making items for the mililtary, it is particularly important that you have a contact who can let you know colors and materials that are acceptable in that unit.

Now you have a starting point - go crochet something! :-)

Happy crocheting!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the award and for all of the wonderful charity crochet that you do.