Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Doctor Who scarf

I apologize for not being around more lately. Since my mom passed away there have been things to do and I've just not felt in the mood to start a large project. I've kept my hooks busy making small things. 

Last week, however, I began another Who scarf. I think these colors will be the closest yet. The yarn I'm using is acrylic DK weight. I'm working in single crochet with a G hook. I will give full details of the scarf when I'm done.

Work began 5-15-2014. I finished the body of the scarf today, but still have tails to sew in and I think I am going to do fringe as well on this one.

Here's a pic to wet your appetite.

Season 12

For those interested in making things with t-shirt yarn, a crocheter sent me the link to this pattern for a doggie rug. I have not made the pattern nor purchased anything from this business myself. It doesn't show how to make the yarn but you can find that online easily enough. It's a fairly simple, straight forward hdc circle.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I know how long it takes to get back to "normal" after losing someone you care so deeply about. It truly takes time Sandie. ((HUGS)) I haven't touched yarn in quite a while, not sure what's going on with that frankly. With work, blog challenges, my walking, and more reading then before...I've not found as much yarn time. Need to though. How many doctor scarves have you made now?

    Sandy at Sandy's Space

    1. Thank you, Sandy! If I'm counting right, I've made an even dozen Who scarves before this one. I don't have them all though. Some have gone out as gifts. I've also made four Who baby afghans. You can see all my Who related items at my site .

  2. Hi Sandie, this Dr. Who scarf looks amazing! :). Great job on it! :)
    Lee Ann

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