Monday, March 3, 2014

scarves and cloths

I've continued to make prayer cloths for the church in New Jersey. It really doesn't take much yarn nor time to make one and is a good use for those leftover balls. In a half hour comedy you can have a completed cloth just like the ones below. The pattern is the last one on this page at Crochet Cabana. 

Since I do a lot of my crocheting while watching TV, I choose to say a prayer for the unknown recipients before mailing off the cloths.

I'm including pictures so you can see the variety of colors that can be used to make these simple cloths. I even edged one in white as I ran out of the pink. It looks just fine. While I personally prefer them to be one color, it's hard to judge how far a ball will go.

I am also planning to make a morse code scarf. I first considered this when I read about the knitting in code article I posted the other day. 

I have been looking at morse code and trying to figure out how I want to go about it. I have looked at a few scarves and I will be doing mine differently. I just haven't decided exactly how yet. Stay tuned for more information. 

If you're looking for something to do right now, there is a need for scarves for this effort. However, the window of time is small. They want scarves in hand by April 5 and in certain colors. The effort is to provide scarves for about 35,000 runners in the 2014 Boston marathon. Update: The scarves have to be blue and yellow but a variety of colors are accepted. If you are on Ravelry there is a group (Boston Marathon scarf) with more info. 

Happy crocheting!

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