Saturday, March 29, 2014

more on prayer cloths

Here is my take on Jeanarie's pattern I posted previously. Of course I did not follow the pattern exactly - do I ever? LOL The changes I made were not because there was anything wrong with the original, but rather because I needed it to be a certain size.

First I used dk yarn and a G hook. I chained 22 and worked 2 rows of dc to begin and end with. Then I worked Jeanarie's pattern reducing the number of stitches at the beginning and ending on each row. I also did not put a row of sc between rows. I added an edging of plain sc. I had 12 rows total. Oh, and I used front cross-stitch instead of back cross-stitch for no particular reason except laziness.

It turned out okay, very close in size to the others I made. I think hers is prettier and if this one didn't have to go in with others of a particular size, I'd probably have worked it exactly. 

Jeanarie has this notice on her pattern page so please abide by this if you are using her pattern. Of course another person's pattern should never be sold and permission from a designer should be requested before selling items made from a pattern other than your own.
This pattern is intended for charity and personal use only {To Bless other with}. Neither the pattern nor items made from it are to be sold. This notice must be attached to the pattern when printing it out. 
A very nice pattern. Thank you, Jeanarie!

I did not work the filet by Michele Shirley of Rose Red Designs because it is worked in thread and I don't do thread. Worked in yarn it would have been way larger than the other pocket cloths. I think it would make a lovely thread piece though.

The heart and cross popcorn stitch patterns were designed by Carolyn. I will be posting an interview with her in April. 

I did work this pattern as posted except I used the puff stitch instead of the popcorn. Both use only one stitch and are similar in look. Popcorns make it pop out more though. Here's a picture of mine worked with dk weight yarn and a G hook.

Next interview with be with Sandy Holladay of the Bridge and Beyond. I'll be posting that soon.

Happy crocheting!

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