Monday, January 6, 2014


Mittens/gloves are not really my thing, but over the years I've completed a few with more or less success. I don't remember what pattern was used for these blue ones but I think these are the ones I sent off to Sandy and she did the thumbs.

I believe this was a pattern I saw at The Bridge and Beyond at one time but I remember that pattern page was lost and had to be rebuilt. I don't see this pattern with the squared off top there now. I really didn't find it fit well anyway. It's entirely possible I didn't do it correctly. I think this was my first foray into mittens. I don't remember the designer. There are some other great patterns there now though. 

I THINK these are Red Heart pattern LW2017 Crochet Lace Fingerless Mitts 

Then there was the time I completed ONE mitten. This was a decorative thing, but I've always wished I'd have completed the other one. The above are long gone and I have no idea what pattern this is or where I got it.

This morning I finished another mitten. I do intend to make a second one. This one is a pattern I purchased on Ravelry. You can find it here .

Carissa did a nice job on this pattern. It's easy to understand. It is intermediate difficulty I think because it uses front post and back post stitches. The only problem I had with it was it gives a  foundation chain of 27. That should be 28 as the first row ends up with 28 stitches. Other than that, smooth sailing.

I think if I made another pair I would use sport yarn or otherwise adapt it as it was a little long for me. I have short fingers and short, fat arms! heh The mitten stretched fine over my arms and I think in its relaxed state would still fit a smaller person. 

I actually purchased two patterns. The other pattern that I purchased was also a TARDIS glove but after I purchased it I discovered that the mitten is made in small squares and assembled together. This was not noted in the description of the pattern so if you want to make one inquire first if the pattern is made in one piece if that matters to you. It did to me. I did write the designer and suggested she note that in the description.

What inspired me to make gloves? The unusual freezing weather we're having here in the New Orleans area. It is 32 right now. I know there are lots of places that are colder, but in THIS place I'M cold. LOL

Hopefully I'll get the other one made while it's still cold.

Happy crocheting!

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