Saturday, August 3, 2013

no crocheting

I'm still unable to crochet due to the problem with my hand/wrist/arm. I don't have a diagnosis yet, but the steroids seem to be helping the swelling. I can actually bend my fingers now and use my left hand for light things. Just wanted to touch base with everyone.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to share some links with you since I have new of my own to post.

How about this beautiful afghan pattern by Karen Buhr? The pattern is a free Ravelry download.

I get a lot of questions about the diagonal box stitch and I do have a tutorial and pattern using this stitch.  However, this morning I ran across a video by Mikey and Red Heart on the Corner to Corner afghan. It was quite well done and I thought I'd share the link. Even though I know how to do this stitch, I watched the entire thing. It kept my interest. Mikey does some things in a different way than I do but that's perfectly fine. For example, he uses a fold over instead of a flip up as I do in my video, but truthfully I like his method! He also demonstrates how to change color in his video, which I do not do in mine. I like Mikey's conversational style and his videos are very professional looking.

If you want to have a look at my video also, you can find it here. Funny enough both our videos are between 18 and 19 minutes long.

I also wanted to add this tutorial for a mitered granny square at Crochet Again which was well done. 

Well, my finger is tired poking keys, so I'll sign off. Looking forward to getting back into crocheting when I can. I probably won't work on the Doctor Whoghan until I'm sure I can maintain the same tension I had before as my work will probably be a bit different until my hand/wrist is fully healed.

Happy crocheting!


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    1. I accidentally posted this comment twice so I removed one.

  2. I follow you on Twitter. Hope you're feeling better soon. Thought you might enjoy my latest blog I posted today about T-shirt yarn. I'm so eager to try it! Check out

    1. I did indeed enjoy your blog. I particularly love that you included links with the projects. I can't crochet now, but I have always been interested in this method of crocheting. Maybe it's time to five it a try. Thanks for the inspiration.