Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Doctor Who Season 18 scarf and free ebooks

I was reminded recently about this free ebook available at Crochet Me/Interweave. It is an Advanced Crochet Stitches guide.

There is also another free ebook available This one is Crochet Lace Patterns.

Hopefully both those links still work. I first posted about them a few months ago on Facebook.

With the Who babyghans done, I decided to tackle the Season 18 with Lion Brand Suede I'd begun some time ago. I discovered why I stopped working on it. Those single color rows one after the other with the suede is a pain but sewing in the suede is even worse. I think I will stop when I get to an appropriate length for a scarf rather than going to the 20+ feet. It's close to 6' now. The scarf uses 3 colors - Lion Brand Suede - garnet, eggplant, and spice. These are discontinued yarns. I found some at Ebay and got some from a friend.

I did enjoy the Season 18 I did previously with the Red Heart Soft yarn though. Here's a reminder pic. It is the one I use over at Gallifreyan Crochetin'.

In between working on the suede scarf, I started another pet snuggle for our local animal shelter.

Happy crocheting!

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