Sunday, December 30, 2012


Some time ago I found a neat little pattern by Sarah London for a skull and crossbones (Australian terms). The moment I saw it I thought of my son. Don't ask me why. LOL I set about crocheting it in white cotton, deciding to make it into a pillow.

I bought a 14" pillow form at Hobby Lobby. Then I worked in the round - I think it might be the never ending afghan pattern but I really just started crocheting, not following a pattern.

I crocheted a back and front in black and of course the skull and crossbones, then handed it over to daughter, who put it all together for me, using that pretty white edging at the join. Son was very pleased with his pillow as this was a surprise, not something on his list or that he'd ever mentioned.

Here is a picture of the finished product.

I was also very pleased with the resulting pillow, but if I had it to do again I'd use a more closed in pattern with no holes. At the time I didn't worry about that because I knew the pillow form had a cotton fabric around the stuffing so holes wouldn't be a problem. But it does detract from the white of the skull and crossbones. Just as in the past, I learn something from each piece I crochet.

I am presently making another pillow and this time I am using single crochet, worked in rows. The reason I didn't do that in the first place was because I didn't know how many stitches across would work. Fingers crossed that what I'm doing will work. I chained 40 on this one. Number of rows to be determined probably today.

One note about the Sarah London pattern. She uses Australian terminology and the files are pdfs so you can't just find and replace the terms in that form. If you are American, you can retype it or remember in your mind the change in terms.  I WAS able to convert the file to text. Since you keep the original file, you have the photos for reference anyway. There is an Adobe conversion to Word available but for a fee. There may be free ones out there that I don't know about.

If you have a person in your house who would enjoy this, I think it is fairly simple to make as long as you pay attention to what you're doing.

Happy crocheting!


  1. LOL, is your son into Halloween in a big way? Clever the way it all turned out. Rounding from Sany's Space to wish all a Happy New Year.

    1. Not Halloween really, but he has a tattoo of a skull on his arm and he is into zombies and such.