Saturday, August 4, 2012

Two scarves complete AH&NC

I did finish the ruffle scarf. If anyone knows of a charity effort these two scarves would work for, holler out. The ruffle is supposed to be about 60" and I think it is at least that, possibly a few inches longer.

I also received a reply from the Hook and Needle Club about the yarn. They do not know what brand the yarn is. Fail.

"We appreciate your interest in our kit of the month club. Unfortunately our kits come prepackaged from a vendor and we do not know the brand of yarn included in each kit. We would suggest that you go to and view the yarn that are offered there. Perhaps you may locate a similar yarn there."

Thanks, but no thanks. There are thousands of yarns out there. It would be a phenomenal coincidence if I happened across that exact yarn and could tell from a photo of it that they were the same. 

So one of my purposes in joining the club isn't going to happen in the way I expected it would. I will still get to try different types of yarn, but won't know what it is to find it again if I like it. That makes me sad. However, I still had fun making the scarves and I finally did an infinity and a ruffle which were both on my to-do list. I will continue with the club and see how it goes.

I did not work further on my filet afghan as I am stumped. The ghan is about 40" wide but wayyy long. I did measure it but I've forgotten what it was. I want to say possibly 80"? I need to get more width. There are several ways I can add width and I'm trying to decide which I want to go with. The problem is yarn. Yes, I know. I have lots of yarn, but it needs to be the yarns used in the afghan. This, too, will work out in time

That's all for now. 

Happy crocheting!

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