Thursday, August 23, 2012

crochet on the double dishcloth

I've been such a busy beaver these past weeks, mostly making videos. If you haven't been to the YouTube channel, you might like to trot on over there. All had been going more or less smoothly on that score until yesterday when YouTube decided to be slower than a glacier.

Because of that, I decided to divide the first video in a series on Crochet on the Double into two videos. The problem with that is that each video begins and ends with a notation that it is part x. So I couldn't change the names of the following videos or I'd have to spend hours re-uploading them. Lesson learned there, eh? So there will be 1A and 1B. :-) Even dividing them, it is still taking a long time to upload. 1B is 40% done and it still says 18 minutes remaining for upload.

In the videos, I wanted to show a completed swatch of the different ways to work COTD. I think I did a pretty fair job on the videos. My finished basic COTD was pretty close to perfect if I do say so myself. :-) What I call the "knit" stitch came out fairly well. The last swatch was worked with a larger hook as the one I was using developed a scratchy bit on the tip of the hook which I was afraid would cause a problem. My finished swatch was not to my liking. The stitches are too large due to the bigger hook and the sides are uneven. Guess I need to buy another double ended hook, eh?

When I was done, I looked at two of them and said to myself, "Self, this wouldn't make a half bad dishcloth." So not to waste all that work, I decided to put them together, even though they were different stitches. It's rectangular, as you can see. One part if cushy and the other flatter, but hey it's a dishcloth. Who cares? I didn't even pay attention to if the stitches were right side up. I used my long tails to sew them together. I wanted the more blue on one side and the more yellow on the other so that is what I did. Here is the result. This is the closest I come to freeform. haha

In other news I finished a baby afghan using my all time favorite cross-stitch pattern. This was made using Red Heart Soft - that pink that I had trouble with a while back. I did cut out a few more bits, but generally did not have a problem with it. I used Vanna's Choice white to assemble and the pink is also Vanna's Choice. I think it was the Pink Poodle, but not certain. Finished size is about 32" square.

We have several pregnant friends/relatives so put this one aside in case one of them turns out to be a girl. :-)

Happy crocheting!

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  1. Love the afghan. And the dishcloth. :-) When I'm learning a new stitch pattern, mainly knitting but now I'll add crochet, I like to try it out with cotton and make a dishcloth. I'll have to do the same now when I'm swatching.