Friday, April 20, 2012

X, Y stitches

 A friend of mine loves horses (though she doesn't own any herself) so I made this cotton filet piece for her. I wanted to do a horse head, but I couldn't find a pattern that would be small enough for a dishcloth but still look like a real horse. This cotton yarn is nice. I bought it for something or other that never got done. It is called Sinfonia and the color is Azul Nordico.

In other news I added a couple pics to my crochet dictionary - the X stitch and the Y stitch. I actually already had a picture for one of those but I didn't like the pic and decided to replace it.

The X and Y stitches are real stitches. There is another stitch that is sometimes called the X stitch. It is where you skip a stitch, make a stitch, then work in the skipped stitch. It is actually the cross-stitch (or crossed stitch). I myself am guilty of abbreviating it to X, but I am working on that. heh

Don't know what I'm talking about? Here is the X stitch.

 And here is the Y stitch.

You can find the instructions in the dictionary at Crochet Cabana and I am sure many other places too!

Happy crocheting!

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