Friday, March 23, 2012

Camghan / Doctor Who scarf site move

Still feels weird to create a post in the new format, but I'll get used to it I'm sure.

The afghan is finished and I'm really pleased with it.

I made bunches of Bobby squares so I have oh maybe five or six additional ones that I didn't use. I will probably make a few more and make another afghan with those. I liked the way these colors worked together.

Squares were assembled with a single crochet, an assembly method I don't use often but have used twice recently. heh You just never know what I'm going to do, eh?

I also created a different sort of edging just for this ghan.

I worked a round in the green of (sc, ch 3, sk 2) fudging in corners where needed so I could work (sc, ch 3, sc) in the corner triple crochet.

Then I worked a round in claret of 3dc in each ch-3 space, skipping the single crochets. I worked 5 dc in the corners.

Then another round of the green skippas and then a final round in the navy.

Colors used in this ghan were hunter green, navy, claret and paddy green. I used an I hook for most of it but an H hook for the last four rounds.

I assembled three squares across at a time. Then went back and did the column joining.

Remember that I did rewrite the last rounds of the Bobby's Square to fix one instruction that was left out (see previous post). This might be fixed in future on the HMB site. I think my rewrite is at least close to what the designer intended but in any case it worked for me.

In other important news, the Doctor Who scarf web site has just recently been taken over by Gene Fender of The Scarf Factory. From what I understand the two sites will be merged into one super duper Who scarf site using the URL. Information will be available in pdf format. Some of it is already there and Gene is working to get all the information put together. This is a very recent move so it will probably take some time to get settled.

If you are interested in having the info as it was written on Chris Brimelow's original site, you can currently check out the wayback site.  I thank Chris for his 12 years of service to the Doctor Who fans! Good job! Well done!

Happy crocheting!

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