Thursday, February 16, 2012

new hooks

First things first, if you enjoy contests and the chance to win crochet goodies like yarn, you will want to stop by the Bridge Project. SandyH has a contest which runs from February 14 to March 14. Details here

The other day I received an e-mail with a video highlighting Knitter's Pride crochet hooks. Of course I'd never heard of Knitter's Pride and even though I'm not a knitter, I had to go see these hooks. :-) You know what happened!I purchased three hooks.

You can see the Dreamz hook here along with the video. This is a wooden hook. I got two of them. One is perfect. I used it last night to make some yo-yos and it was very lightweight and the yarn glided beautifully. I have not used the other one, but the throat of the hook (see parts of a hook here) is a little rough. I'm hoping that won't cause a problem.

Here is the H 5.0mm Dreamz.

The aluminum H hook I purchased is here. The video also appears on that page. Someone does a bang up job on this web site. Videos are a great way to sell merchandise. I like seeing the hooks in action. The handle on this hook is a soft rubbery one similar to the Etimo Tulip hooks. Very nice.

The shaft is not as long as I like on the aluminum hook, but that is also true of the Etimo and the Crochetlite hooks and many of the hooks that have an added piece to the handle. The second hook in this photo is the other #7 4.5mm Dreamz hook.

The square I made with the new H hook is from Pam's Comfort Cables Crochet  Afghan over at Knit Picks. I purchased this pattern both to support their efforts and because I thought it was beautiful. I absolutely love the pink and green colors used in this afghan. I purchased a couple skeins to test drive it and you can see the result. My square is not 8" x 8" as stated in the pattern but it is very stretchy. I'm not a particularly huge fan of cables, but there are a few patterns in there that are basically just front and back post stitches. I do like the textured look of the post stitches. We'll see how things go.

I spent part of my morning updating my hook pages at Crochet Cabana and also organizing my hooks by size. I have more H and I hooks than any other size. I do have hooks in all sizes from C to N, P, and S. I've never seen an O hook, but Ebay has R, T, and U which I'd love to have just for completeness though I really don't envision using that large a hook for anything in the near future. I have talked about making a rug though...

Back to the hooks. I put them in plastic ziploc bags after I sorted them, but that is a temporary measure. Now I'll go back and see what I can do with them.

Happy crocheting!

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