Friday, February 24, 2012

more spiders

Everywhere I look I see the spider stitch now that I'm aware of it. LOL I have been working on my own scarf pattern, as requested. I've completed a scarf, which is actually going to be part of an afghan. I've decided to make strips using the spider stitch and join them together into an afghan. Each strip could be a scarf by itself.

These pieces are not edged, but you can see the edging I'm going to use in this picture of a previous spider scarf. It's one round of sc followed by a round of what I call faux picot.

I should have the pattern finished soon. I will probably leave it rather open ended as to size. Scarves can be made any size and in a pattern of this type you can just do as few or as many spiders as you want to. If you are locked into a particular size, then I will have a guideline I think will help.

Happy crocheting!

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