Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Ood

The Ood from Doctor Who. My Ood does look like an Ood, but I am not as pleased with this one as the others. Because the lower portion is more solid blocks it pokes out and there is a significant difference in width between the upper and lower portion of the piece.

In number there are the same number of rows in width and length as the Dalek. (I changed it a little from Meredee's original to make this work.) My intention was to join them together and then use the K-9 and Adipose as the rest of the piece.

I KNOW that this thing with open and closed blocks occurs so if I would have been smart I would have perhaps used a larger hook for the upper portion or made a greater effort to keep the spacing uniform. Not sure what I will do, if anything, about this. Since it is for myself, I can do what I want with it.

I AM pleased that it looks like the Ood we all know and love. :-)

I also continue to work on the lavender squares for a baby afghan.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Very interesting, had to laugh cause I thought...there she goes again Doc who, lol. Though I didn't know what it was called. You crack me up, you must be the biggest fan ever!

    Have you tried washing and blocking it? I have a feeling that would work well to even up the sides for you.

  2. Thanks, Sandy. I did think of that with some grumbling LOL. I may try it though I don't generally block. Better than redoing that section. I doubt I'm the biggest fan ever, but I'm certainly a fan! LOL