Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

I just sent out a bunch of things yesterday, but did I remember to take photos? You guessed it. Nope. My house was rearranged to make room for the Christmas tree, then when I took the tree down everything was in a mess while furniture was returned to its original place. It never fails but that I miss a few ornaments and I end up finding them on the floor after everything has been packed away. LOL

In any case, I digress with all my excuses. I sent out some hats and a scarf and the fingerless gloves. I am also working on a pink and white afghan but not quite finished it. Then I have blue and white squares that need to be joined. I will have photos of those soon as they're done.

While waiting on my slow fingers and photos, I thought I'd share a few links with you.

Firstly, this morning I saw a video from Red Heart on sewing in tails which I thought was quite good. If this is something you struggle with, you might enjoy it. I know even though I've been crocheting for many, many years, I still worry that my tails will come out and the recipient will have a problem.

I also wanted to remind you that there are still states needing scarves over at Special Olympics. Louisiana needs quite a number and the deadline is not until March so plenty of time to work up a few for them if this cause touches you.

Yesterday I ran across this page of patterns which I thought you might enjoy. I particularly liked the way she did the ribbon. I must try that.

A visitor to my YouTube channel asked about making a slouchy hat. There are lots of ways to make such a hat. If you google you will see many pages as well as YT videos on the process, using different methods. I found this one at Crochet spot which seems pretty straight forward and simple. It follows the basic hat pattern I use in my video for the first rows. Then she works a few decrease rows to get the fit around the forehead. Nice pattern.

I think I already shared this, but I decided to buy it so I'm mentioning it again. It is a program to make crochet chart symbols. I haven't done much with it yet, but intend to attempt to add symbols to my patterns in future. The program is called Stitch Works and it is a download that you purchase.

I also ran across just this morning a video on the flat braid join. I don't know if this is the same join that Priscilla Hewitt originated, but it is called flat braid as hers is. I learn better with videos so I was happy to see it.

Lion Brand recently visited Vanna White (at her home I think) and did a series of brief video clips. I enjoyed "talking" with Vanna. Perhaps you would too. 

Isn't this a beautiful afghan? It is on my want-to-do list. :-)

If you are one of those who, like me, is always looking for coordinating yarns, you might like to have a look at Red Heart's list. Go to this page and click on Multicolor Coordinate list. It's a pdf file you can save to your computer or print out.

That's all for now. May you and your family have a safe and happy New Year!

Happy crocheting!


  1. Thanks Sandie, and a happy and safe New Year to you and your family, too!

  2. Hi Sandie, Happy New Year to you too! I'd just like to say a huge thank you for the tutorials on your Crochet Cabanna website. I've never crocheted before and within about 3 days I've learnt the basic stiches and I've already completed 4 Granny Squares - hopefully to make into a blanket... Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow! Thank you!

  3. Glad you found the tutorials useful, Sarah. Thanks!

  4. Understand what you mean about getting the house back in order. Thought I was done yesterday and realized last night right before I still had snowflakes on my dining room windows. Argh. Walked by it all day long. Hubby took the tree outside after we were done un-decorating and found an ornament still on it. lol

    Tails, you and I would be rich for all the conversations we've had about them over the years. I watched her video; but...must say I didn't think it was a good one and hope not too many people follow her instructions. Everything I've seen or read over the years has pressed the point that you do not leave all your ends in a granny etc when changing color. You work them in as you crochet, vs a straight line and they hold better. I'vs also seen lots of folks indicate going back on the same row isn't a good hold. I always tell people to go through several stitches on the current row, go down a row, then go back the other direction. I also weave in alot more then she showed. I leave bigger tails.

    Belated Happy New Year

  5. Sandy, I always think surely they (whoever "they" is) knows better than me! LOL what anyone else but me does is better. LOL I've done those tails every which way you can imagine. Yes, long, long tails. On a scarf I might weave all the way along the row, down as you note, and back the other direction. I think for purposes of demonstration she might not have gone as far as she would have making a real project. That said, Lily Chin in her book says she only weaves a small amount - can't remember exactly how much it was. Maybe 2"?? I'll have to check it.

  6. Sandie, Of all the sites I have looed at all over the `world' your tutorials really are the best. Others have many `flaws'--according-- to those of us who have gathered & work in charity circles & *learned* what is `needed' to be `universally' used for best long term use so the object can be *loved* & not fall apart. Tails *must be woven in a certian way & left a certian length-2inches in NOT going to do it! for a well loved & used item. You know what I mean-in charity circles as an assembler I feel `lucky' :0( haha to have been able so see & use soo many squares from so many beloved souls wanting to give to others. To see the attempts & for me to be able to learn~we could write books :0)
    But I have learned that different parts of the world have avail different yarns than we do & colors.. also they have different wash machines & water so they that makes their yarn choises different. We think nothing of wash machines & yarns but in Europe it is not the same as yarn avail is much different.