Wednesday, November 30, 2011

fingerless mitts and pattern preview

I apologize for not updating in so long. I have not been idle, but the projects I've been working on did not produce anything I could post about yet.

However, I have now finished - tada! - a set of fingerless mittens. My very first. Yes, they did come out looking like mittens and even more or less like the pattern. I did not use the reverse sc edging.

The pattern is at Red Heart and is called Crochet Lace Fingerless Mitts. Very easy pattern if you know front post and back post hdc.

Of course you have to pay attention to what you're doing. I was working on this while watching the Saints game which, to my consternation, kept being interesting! LOL Great game. I was having trouble with this one round. FINALLY, I actually READ the round carefully. You know, the part where it says TURN or DO NOT TURN. LOL That was crucial in that step and I was distracted and didn't catch it.

I completed the mittens though it probably took me longer than it should have. The second one went much quicker. Here is my  proof - a picture.

The pattern called for a superfine (#1)  sock yarn (Heart & Sole Mellow Stripe) and a D hook. The yarn looks like a very nice yarn - it has aloe and everything! But I did not have any. So I went with #3 Moda Dea Sassy Stripes Crayon. I used a G hook.

Since that is a thicker yarn, supposedly the mitts came out larger than they would have. They are a little large on me but might fit a person with larger (wider) hands. I think I could use them though. They don't fall off or anything. At the wrist it fits fine.

In other news, I am compiling a page for the web site on problems and solutions that folks have while trying to make granny squares. If you have a problem that you have found a solution to, do holler out and I will add it. If you are the first to send that particular problem and solution (or a new solution to the same problem), I will give credit. If you send me something I will assume you are giving me permission to post the info on the web site.

In even more other news I am working on a pattern that I've had for a while, but have not done much with. This is a pattern that is close to my heart as I designed it to go with an unpublished story I wrote. The original was meant to be an afghan made by the hero's daughter as a Christmas gift to him. I shared the pattern as a lapghan during the Crochet Cabana anniversary. I plan to make it available with info on how to make it everything from a scarf to a full size afghan in my Etsy shop. (If the story is ever published it will be included free in the book - but don't hold your breath! I haven't submitted it anywhere.)

Here's a sneak preview, in scarf form. The scarf is not finished ... I will tell you that it is a sampler. Each portion is a different pattern. It will probably be nine or ten inches in width.

I thought I'd also share a few links that I ran across this week. Some I've been to before and some are new (to me). Hope you enjoy them.

Symbol Crochet program (rectangle granny)

Puff Stitch square

Jacob's Ladder hat and scarf

Crocodile Stitch

WOOL project (Warm out of Love). Even though the page says October 2010, the Facebook page is active.

The Granny Ripple

Loom Knitting, some good videos

That's all for now.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Just stopped in and found so many nice ideas and tutorials. Very nice blog.

  2. The mitts look interesting with such fun wild yarn. I think the sock yarn would have been real stretchy? So that might account for it being the right size without you altering the pattern?

    I've often (when making for myself or my family), used a different stitch for each color in a ghan and think it's fun and interesting. You can make it up as you go too based on the amount of yarn in each color you have. Your sampler looks great! Good luck on being published again.

    Will check out your captcha here for you.

  3. Ok, on this blog (from memory I think your's might not all be the same), there is no captcha...yippee skippy. On this blog comments don't get posted until you take the time to approve them, as the one I just posted before this, isn't currently visible.

    Like you, I often have to do the captcha multiple times because of not being able to read it well. That takes extra time and is frustrating for sure.

    The way you see what the filter catches is by going to your dashboard. You'll see in the same area as comments that need approved, a spam folder. It holds the junk that it filters out.

  4. Thanks for visiting my knitting blog. sometimes
    it is a cooking and crochet blog ! I have collected some old knitting stuff on ebay. but
    most of the time I am outbid ! That knit your bit scarf for veterans is a great idea ! Thanks !

  5. oh sandie what fun the scarf is-You MUST finish your story!!! what a treat it will be. I can almost see what it will be thru the scarf.. you can do it (~.~) {{hugs)) Kathy