Sunday, October 30, 2011

more saltines, yo yos ...

If you can believe this I am still making saltines, yoyos and granny's daughters. :-) These are made with an H hook and whatever yarn was in the bag of leftovers. Some of them came out smaller than others because of the type of yarn. From what I understand, these small pieces are forgiving and size is not as critical. However, I've sent a lot of them so I think there will be enough of any size to handle a multi-colored project. I know many others have sent some also.

As you may recall, I work from largest to smallest. I start with traditional granny squares, but most of these balls were too small for a full granny. Although there are a number of the same color, these are from different balls.

Then I go to saltines (2 round grannies), then yoyos (1 round of 16 dc in ring), and finally granny's daughters (first round of a granny). The granny's daughters use just slightly less yarn than a yoyo.

Of course I always leave a nice tail at the beginning and end which takes up yarn. Anything under 7 loops around my ruler is tied onto the magic ball which is getting to be a nice size. :-) My plan for that is to make a pet pad. We have three dogs in the family at this time so I'm sure one of them will love a nice pad.

Unbelievably, I am still not finished with the leftover balls, but I'm coming close to the end. :-) Then I have a lot of one ups. One ball of yarn in this or that color. I do also have a few colors where I have a good number of balls and can make an actual project, like a scarf or something. I look forward to deciding what these will be used for. Part of the fun for me is choosing a project when I have the opportunity.

Happy crocheting!

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  1. Great description of how you work the yarn in granny rounds using all of it that you can. Great work!