Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pergola complete

The Pergola is done. I decided not to put an edging on it as it came out 6" x 56" which is right there within the requirements. 

Most importantly, I don't remember if I gave the link to the pattern. You can purchase this pattern at Knit Picks for $1.99. It is a pdf file. That's a very good price for such a complicated pattern and really it is two patterns as you make a solid back piece then crochet the two together. I've not done the back piece though.

As I said in my first post, I found the abbreviations confusing so I made my own little cheat sheet and after working my first scarf following those instructions, I decided to change a few things. When do I not? LOL It's the same concept of ripples separated by other stuff.

I used triple instead of the double triple (abbreviated as Dtc in the pattern). To that end, I used a ch 4 turning chain rather than ch 5.

There is a symbol chart so if you like to use a chart you will feel right at home and have no troubles. 

My color scheme is Red - rows 1-9, 2-5; Blue - rows 5-9. Then repeat, ending with a Red section.

I used a chain of 25 to begin.

I think that's it. This my fourth scarf. Now I'm thinking of what I want for #5. :-)

Happy crocheting!