Sunday, April 17, 2011

seaman scarf

This is the seaman's scarf pattern from year 5. The finished size it about 58 1/2" long by 6" wide at the widest part. The ribbing is 4" wide x 24" long.

The yarn is Vanna's Choice rust.

This is a nice pattern - I have to say that because it is my design. LOL My only problem with this particular one is that my ends curl. I think that is because I decided on adding a couple rows of sc after the fact and added those in. If it had been done at the get-go I don't think it would have done that. In any case, I will find out because as soon as my yarn comes in (should be this week), I will be making another one with the wool ease using the alternate pattern.

I've not finished the deep V chevron yet. About half done on it. I am dogsitting this weekend, plus there were some problems with my mom, so I've been pre-occupied with other things. It will get done though. In fact, I will go work on it right now. :-) I also plan to do a second one of these using the fisherman and avocado Wool Ease.

These scarves are a lot of fun to work on. I hope you enjoy them as well. I'll let you know when I've finished updating the patterns.

Happy crocheting!

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